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We asked you... - 25 February 2016

Written by Holly Spencer and Jackson Mehaffy

We asked some children what their favourite part of the year was and this is what they said...

Jacob (year 1) -Elmer day because it was colourful,

Grace (year 5) - Santa Fun Run because I get to see friends from other schools,

Phoebe (reception) - Going to pili pala because I liked the butterflies!

Harry (year 1) - World Of Work Day because you get to dress up as what you want to be when your older,

Alex (year 4) - Pentre because you got to do a lot of fun messy activities!

Katie (year 3) - Christmas show because I liked the songs,

Kiera lola and Erien (year 4) -All loved the sleepover because they like the hide and seek in the dark and sweets

Kai (reception) - Beach Day because you get to play in the sand,

Mia (year 6) - Becoming Crew Cymraeg because its a big responsibility and its a good opportunity to learn welsh.


                                                         thank you
                      for letting us
                  ask you questions

                By Holly and Jackson

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