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Hello, We are the house captain's of Asaph And our names are Lucy Jackson and Harvey  Mehaffy
Yesterday we did our inter house matches and we are proud of our team For Football Netball And Uni Hock We are greatly pleased with certain people such as Grace Leddon, Corey Williams and
Ella Ogle. We came 3rd in netball we came 3rd in football in upper juniors   We are very happy with our jobs and we will enjoy them for days to come. Now we would like to promote welsh in school so then people could get more house points so here's a welsh phrase to get you awarded house points "Dw i'n wedi gorfen'' if we translate it into English it means "I have finished''
. we  are doing a triathlon on Friday and Thomas Hutchinson is competing in the cycling race the location is marine lake all the schools in rhyl are competing. Corey Williams is also competing in the run around marine lake the same with Thomas    

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The Asaph Board

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Talent Show and Christams Carols Service

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