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Year 3

Archived Year Groups 2011 - 2012

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Da iawn Blwyddyn Tri for winning the Attendance Award in Ysgol Bryn Hedydd for 2011-2012!

Diolch Mr Cannon for our treat too!

Mr Pickavance and Mrs Williams want to welcome you to our Year 3 page.

Mr Pickavance and Mrs Williams have got some excellent children in  our Year Three group. They are always wanting to learn and face the lesson objectives enthusiastically. What we are really enjoying at the moment is that children are enjoying their challenges and are always striving to learn more! Da iawn Blwyddyn Tri. Keep up the hard work!

In Year 3, we are trying to develop our 'Key Skills'. At the start of a lesson, we look to see which skills we will be using:
Working Together

Our last topic of the year is 'Light and Dark'
We have been carrying out lots of exciting work. Take a look at some of the articles at the bottom of the page to show what we have been up to, investigating shadows etc.
If you have any ideas you have that we could learn about 'Light and Dark' then let Mr Pickavance or Mrs Williams know!

We finished off our 'Healthy Me' topic with an investigation.
In teams, we had to decide what seeds needed to grow, so we changed some of the variables. 

We started with cress seeds, soil and water and then had to change one factor in each cup. Some teams came up with very interesting ideas, like using washing up liquid instead of water, or tissue paper instead of foil!

Take a look at the photos of our investigation, in the article below.

Our new Spring time topic is 'Buildings'

We have been very excited to learn all about so far!


We have been using lots of thinking skills, like devising questions and concept-mapping.

Our mini topic in language work is 'Traditional Tales'.

So many of us have really enjoyed re-reading the good old classic fairy takes and have enjoyed joining in with the repetition of the lines and knowing that they will 'All live happily ever after' at the end!

As, part of this topic, remember our 'Traditional Tales Day' where we have asked you to dress up as a character from one of these tales!

Our Summer Term topic is 'Light and Dark'
We have been learning about light sources and how light travels.

We are very inquisitive in Year 3 and set up an investigation to how shadows change throughout the day.

Take a look at the article below to see our pictures.

Keep checking out our year group page for new information and pictures of what we get up to!     



Articles - please click a heading

Look at our 3D fish!

We wanted to put some photos up of our 'fintastic' fish that we made! Miss McGilloway worked very hard with us all, creating our fish! We all had to...

Follow up work from the Celtic Experience

Following our fantastic trip to the Celtic Experinece, Year 3 have been carrying out some work back in class. The first thing we did was help constru...

Look at our strange animals!

This week, we have been using the photo editing software called 'Pixlr' again. We found two images of creatures we would like to use and then we morp...

RAAAAAAAHHHHH! We were all celtic warriors for the day!

What a fantastic day was had by Year 3 today! The year group went to Groundwork in Wrexham to take part in the Celtic Experience...and what an experi...

What amazing stories we had from you for your Learning Log tasks!

Year 3, For your last Learning Log task, we asked you to create a story using the 'story mountain' plan that we had followed in our language lessons....

Fantastic fun at Olympic Beach Day!

What fun we had! Look at the results from the different events in Year 3LW! Equestrian Event Gold - Scarlett Powell Silver - Thomas Sanders Bronze -...

Does a shadow change throughout the day?

As part of our Year 3 topic 'Light and Dark', we have decided to investigate if a shadow changes throughout the school day. To do this, we got into t...

Look at the Celtic quizzes we made on Powerpoint

Take a look and see if you can answer our questions!

Can you write some excellent sentences to describe the scene?

Look at the picture below. Look what we have done in class to write some 'Golden Sentences' Remember to use: adjectives verbs adverbs Think about yo...

What a fantastic day at Aberduna Quarry!

Year 3LW went to Aberduna Quarry today and what a fantastic time we had! Such a super learning experience ! So much to learn about, make, find, invest...

ICT, ICT, ICT, ICT.........

What an ICT day we have had! With Years 4,5,6 and 3RP out of school today, we took the opportunity to use the laptops. As soon as we walked in in th...

The uses of materials... today we learnt about limestone!

Written by Year 3LW Today, three ladies came in called Trisha, Cath and Gail. They came in to talk about what a quarry is and the uses of that mate...

Goodbye year 3!

I would just like to write a quick article to everyone who I have been in contact with in year three over the past six weeks! I have really enjoyed te...

We are amazing at making documentries!

Today we got a letter from Sir David Attenborough saying how much he liked our non-fiction books! Infact he was so impressed he asked us to make our o...

Non Fiction

Over the past week we have been doing the topic of 'Non-fiction' with Miss Owen. We started the topic by learning how to find books at the library. We...

Learn the words to our Eisteddfod song

Open the Publisher document to print out the 'Braf yw Bwyta' words.

Parents join us for lunch today!

Today, Year 3LW parents, grandparents and guardians were invited to come and join us for lunch. Thank you to Cory's mum and Abigail's mum who did jus...

Year 3 have been looking at Traditional Tales

We have been very busy looking at traditional tales in Year 3. We have been performing 'Little Red Riding Hood' in groups in front of the class. Take...

What fun Maths is!

Look at us carrying out a mental maths activity, using a board game called 'Maths Magic' It's a great game for practising addition, subtraction, mult...

Documents - please click to open

pdf.gif: Look at our wordles!

Look at our wordles!

File size: 1MB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Our story maps...take a look

Our story maps...take a look

File size: 1MB (PDF File)

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